myowndp.com was conceived by a team of creative professionals with the objective of providing  Mobile phone users especially BB users a platform where they could download free display pictures  to communicate their status , mood and to express themselves. In view of the growing demand  for creative and fresh display pictures, myowndp.com has gone to great lengths in creating a vast collection of high quality and original DP’S  in over 15 different categories.  Every week new images are uploaded to the site to meet the growing demand for fresh and creative DP’s .

Our high resolution images are original and created by a talented and creative team of illustrators, cartoonists,  graphic designers and concept artists. We also have a page where you can download beautiful and colorful  wallpapers all for FREE !!!


To give users a delightful  experience and a convenient platform to download images that help them communicate and express themselves in creative and  humorous ways.


To create a vast image bank of thousands of high quality images  available for free download

 Meet our Team

At Myowndp.com  creativity is the name of the game. Our team is comprised of  highly creative  professionals

Henry (Creative Director)

An Illustrator, animator, Graphic designer and eccentric  scientist with well over 8 years experience in digital art. Henry is responsible for the quality and creativity of every image created on myowndp.com. He believes that honing ones artistic skills by learning and constant practice is the key to  creating stunning works of art. Henry  draws on everything and anything he can lay his hands on.

Stanley (IT /Web Manager)

Stanley is a web developer and  programmer  who has designed and maintained over a 100 web sites for various organisations and companies. Stanley is responsible for the maintenance and administration of the site ensuring that users experience a hitch free download. He loves high-tech gadgets and that gibberish language called PHP.

Dave (PR/ Branding &Marketing )

Dave has worked  as PR consultant for various companies. He currently ensures that myowndp.com  is given a strong web presence. He is responsible for online and offline marketing campaigns. He pings a lot on his BB.

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