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1. What Does My Name DONNELLY Meaning?
This name has Irish roots and is composed of the elements 'donn' which means brown and 'gal' which means valour. This valiant sounding name is mostly used in Ireland but is exotic enough to be used elsewhere as well.

2. What Does My Name BECKETT Meaning?
The name is derived from the words "beo cot" of which has a literal meaning of "bee cottage." In English, the name is quite old and it means beehive.

3. What Does My Name GAGLIARDI Meaning?
This name has its roots from the medieval era and in Italian refers to a strong, brave, vigorous and audacious person. Definitely one of the prominent Italian names.

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4. What Does My Name VALERIA Meaning?
It is a female's name meaning strong, heathy and capable. This is originated from the name Valentine and the herb which is called Valeriana officialis.

5. What Does My Name EKSTROM Meaning?
This ornamental name has its derivatives in Swedish and has the elements referring to Oak and the River current. A person with this name is fine in harmony and is easy-going with refined features.

6. What Does My Name LADA Meaning?
Another name with a Slavic history behind it, Lada is the identity of the Goddess of beauty, love and marriage. The name is usually associated with youth and splendor!!

7. What Does My Name DICK Meaning?
The Germanic elements of this name mean brave, power or rule. It remains a very popular English name and is used widely to signify a persons ability and character.

8. What Does My Name FAVARO Meaning?
The name is derived from Fava of which means a bean grower or seller. A second meaning is someone who wears clothes that are brightly colored or multi-colored.

9. What Does My Name HELMICH Meaning?
With an Anglo-Saxon origin, this name was given to a herdsman and is derived from an Old English word, Helm meaning a covering.

10. What Does My Name ENGELHARD Meaning?
A person with this name has the ability to understand people and merge conflicting viewpoints. He does well interacting with the public and can use his skills of diplomacy to soothe people.

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11. What Does My Name ASHLEE Meaning?
This is a name derived from the old English name Ashley. It means a person who dwells near the ash tree forest or meadow of ash trees.

12. What Does My Name PASS Meaning?
Pass is considered a pet form of the name Pascal. It means born on Easter or during the Passover. The name is derived from "Pascha" which meant Passover during pre-Christian days.

13. What Does My Name CALLUM Meaning?
This is an Irish name having a Gaelic origin and it means "dove." It is a popular name among the Scottish.

14. What Does My Name KARINA Meaning?
It refers to an artistic and loving person and has its roots in Latin. A person with this name is fun and out-going. Definitely a true reflection of the meaning indeed.

15. What Does My Name DUNDAS Meaning?
This is a habitational name from Scotland at a place known as Dundas which is near Edinburgh. The name means a person from Dundas.

16. What Does My Name CAMPANA Meaning?
A name of Italian and Spanish background meaning a bell maker or sometimes a bell ringer. The first bell was produced in Campania hence the origin of the name.

17. What Does My Name DUDERSTADT Meaning?
This is a name having a German origin meaning a person coming from Duderstadt. This is a place in Lower Saxony near Gottingen.

18. What Does My Name LOOMIS Meaning?
A person with this name has a very likable, good-natured personality with a lot of love for people. She will also be very artistic and spontaneous while liking to see others happy.

19. What Does My Name LEA Meaning?
This Spanish name has its origins again in the Hebrew language. It was made famous as the name of the first wife of Jacob and means 'to tire'.

20. What Does My Name BAYLE Meaning?
From the word BEAU. The name means beautiful. But this name becomes a popular boy's name in U.S.

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21. What Does My Name MONIKA Meaning?
Monika is a name which is widely used on the European continent and has multiple meanings. It stands for 'advisor' in Latin and 'unique' in Greek. Monika is also the patron saint of women.

22. What Does My Name CROOKSHANKS Meaning?
It has Scottish roots in referring to a bow-legged individual. Apart from that, it holds the honor of bearing the name as our favorite feline from the Harry Potter universe.

23. What Does My Name HECK Meaning?
The name is topographical used to mean someone who lived by a hatch or by a gate that was especially crafting a way into the forest.

24. What Does My Name NOWAK Meaning?
This is a name that originates from different backgrounds such as German, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, and Polish. The name is derived from the word new and interchanged to have meanings such as "newman" or "newcomer."

25. What Does My Name LYDAY Meaning?
The name is already Americanize but the real meaning if this name is German Leidig. The essence of the name is power, practicality and ambition.

26. What Does My Name GARCIA Meaning?
This is a very common name in the States with allusions to a lot of families. The very name has its meanings in Old Spanish meaning to be brave in battle.

27. What Does My Name MARLAR Meaning?
It means a person who has psychic powers and has a nature that is receptive and has the ability to bear a burden for the sake of others.

28. What Does My Name HIPWELL Meaning?
A habitational name that originates from North Yorkshire at a place known as Hipswell. The literal meaning being a "spring" or "stream."

29. What Does My Name BAMBA Meaning?
This exotic name takes its origin from the far reaches of Africa. In Swahili, the name means 'advice' and is usually accorded great respect by all.

30. What Does My Name CLOYD Meaning?
The name Cloyd is an anglicized form of the word Clwyd of which is of Welsh origin. It means a river as a river by the name Clwyd exists in the northeast of Wales.

31. What Does My Name ORAVEC Meaning?
The name has a Czech and Slovak origin. It is a regional name meaning someone who originates from or is a native of the region of Orava.

32. What Does My Name HILLIER Meaning?
An occupational name for a roofer, it is a derivative of the medieval English name meaning to '├žover'. It is used much more in its common form of Hillary.

33. What Does My Name LAMPING Meaning?
A variation of the Dutch Lambert, the name translates to 'Bright Land' and is generally used in a distinguished setting with royal families inclined toward its use

34. What Does My Name MOUNTFORD Meaning?
This is a name of French origin from a place known as Montford-sur-Risle found in Normandy. A combination of two words "mont" meaning a hill and "fort" meaning impregnable.

35. What Does My Name SASHA Meaning?
The name has Russian origins and is derived from another name, Alexandra. It means 'protector of man' and is used for a person with a protective and caring nature.

36. What Does My Name GORDON Meaning?
The name has a Scottish origin and it was derived from the name of a place meaning spacious fort. The meaning of the name is also associated with greatness.

37. What Does My Name DOBOSZ Meaning?
Came from a Jewish origin. It means courageous or noble. The beginning of this name came from the old Slavic dobie.

38. What Does My Name DENNER Meaning?
This is an Old English name referring to an occupational endeavor. It is used synonymously along with a herdsman for swine and in favor around the countryside.

39. What Does My Name GUPTA Meaning?
This ancient Hindu name has its derivatives in the Devanagari script and is one of the earliest in existence. The name refers to a 'protector' or a 'guardian'.

40. What Does My Name DORAN Meaning?
An interesting name with its roots in Celtic and translates to a pilgrim or stranger. Popular at a point in time among the Irish, it points toward a resourceful person.